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  • Daily Must Haves: Week 4 Preview
    Daily Must Haves: Week 4 Preview
    Cloudy on Tannehill, Dalton coming around, missing Matt Forte & more
  • The Week 4 Over-Under
    The Week 4 Over-Under
    Drew Brees battles Phillip Rivers and the Chargers in a game that should feature a lot of scoring.
  • Pat Kirwan Show: RFN Roundtable
    Pat Kirwan Show: RFN Roundtable
    Kirwan, Miller & Robinson discuss several topics, including who their most disappointing team is at this point in the season.
  • EA Animation: The Development of Carson Wentz
    EA Animation: The Development of Carson Wentz
    Pat Kirwan uses EA animation to show how how far Carson Wentz has come in terms of football IQ in a short time

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| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Carolina at Atlanta

Matt Ryan is 9-7 vs. Atlanta, and the Falcons beat Carolina last year, but our guys think the Panthers bounce back this week. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Buffalo at New England

The Patriots are 25-2 at home against Buffalo, while Rex Ryan is 4-11 at New England and 3-6 on the road with the Bills. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Seattle at NY Jets

Russell Wilson will play, Jimmy Graham is emerging, and the Hawks seem to have a plan for Fitz MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

No More Jags, Pete-Fitz, Rex #’s, Oakland PR

Kirwan says slow your roll on Buffalo, watch how Seattle defends Fitz, and discusses Jaguar sighting in London & sack sightings in Oakland MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Cleveland at Washington

The Cleveland Browns have been competitive despite a lack of depth and talent, Washington has issues, but this one comes down to the play of Kirk Cousins. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Tennessee at Houston

Houston's defense isn't the same without JJ Watt, and the production of their offense declines by the week. Is it enough to hold off the Titans? MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Kirwan and Robinson think Andrew Luck stays undefeated vs. Jags. Miller says Jacksonville turns the corner. MORE


| AUDIO • The Injury Report

Dr. Chao on Dez Bryant Injury

Dr. Chao says estimates of 1-3 weeks for Dez Bryant's return seem optimistic. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 4: Miami at Cincinnati

The Dolphins defense presents challenges for a Bengals offense that's still coming together. MORE


| AUDIO • Real Football Talk

Loss of Watt Changes Houston Defense

The loss of J.J. Watt could mean a change in the way the Texans play defense the rest of the season. MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

Getting Ready for Thursday Night

Pat Kirwan gives his thoughts on some things to look for during Thursday night's Dolphins-Bengals game. MORE


Week 3 Analytics Best Of Lists

At RFN, we use analytics to show what the stats really mean when evaluating play on the field. MORE


| VIDEO • PK's Power Rankings

Week 4 Rankings

The Steelers have been knocked off their early season throne. Denver is the new #1, and four new teams enter the top 10. MORE


| AUDIO • Real Football Talk

Saints Future at QB

Drew Brees is the best player on the Saints, and will continue to be. But New Orleans still has to plan for the future at QB. MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

Monday Nite Review, Early Playoff Talk

The Saints and Falcons came out on opposite sides of the score, but have similar issues to fix, plus, indicators of playoff success. MORE


| ARTICLE • Trending Football

Week 3 Stats & Trends

Five teams are 3-0, and four teams are 0-3. What does that mean for their season? MORE


| AUDIO • Real Football Talk

Quarterback Questions?

There are several teams closely monitoring their QB situation and may have decisions looming in the near future. MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

Protecting the QB, Coaching the QB & Playing Good D

Protecting the QB has to be priority #1 when defenses like Minnesota's are lurking. The Eagles are doing it with scheme. MORE


| VIDEO • The Injury Report

Week 3 Injury Recap

The "Dreaded A's", achilles and ACL injuries continued to rear their ugly heads in Week 3. MORE


| AUDIO • Pat Kirwan Show

Week 3 Review

With one game to go, Week 3 has told us a lot about many teams and players around the league. MORE


| ARTICLE • 5 Big Things

Adaptive Offense Featured in Week 3

Several teams, led by new Bills OC Anthony Lynn, are adapting their offense to personnel and matchups and the season goes on. MORE


| ARTICLE • Fantasy

Week 3 Sleepers, Stumblers & Studs

Lions WR Marvin Jones had his breakout game for Detroit, and another one may be on the way. MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

Thoughts from Sunday

Young QB's and the resilient Vikings have been impressive. The Cardinals and Bengals have not. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 3: Atlanta at New Orleans

Matt Ryan is just 2-6 for his career in the Superdome, but Jim Miller and Greg Robinson think Monday will be his night. MORE


| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Week 3: Chicago at Dallas

Sunday night's national TV matchup is a game of backups. MORE


| ARTICLE • Fantasy

Week 3 Fantasy Matchups

Greg Olsen will have to deal with Vikings S Harrison Smith. Check out that and other matchups that could affect your fantasy team MORE


| ARTICLE • Daily Must Haves

10 Things About Week 3

Some milestones, good and bad, that we could see play out during today's games. MORE