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2017 NFL Free Agency & Draft Calendar

Know every important date on the NFL calendar between now and the start of training camp - from free agency, to the draft, & more. MORE

| VIDEO • RFN Glass

Personnel Fit for the 3-4 Defense

Coach Cowher talks about the specific types of defensive players he wanted in his coaching days, and for you Steelers fans out there, he has some pretty interesting stories to tell too. MORE

| VIDEO • The Pat Kirwan Show with Phil Simms

The QB-Head Coach Relationship

Pat Kirwan sits down with former SuperBowl winning Quarterback Phil Simms to discuss the QB-Head Coach Relationship. MORE

| VIDEO • X's & O's Glass Board

X’s & O’s: 7-Man Protections

Cleveland Browns O-line coach Bob Wylie details 7-man protections, and the difference between "solid" and "slide" protections. MORE

Championship Week Roundtable

Antonio Brown breaks the law of the locker room, Le'Veon Bell presents a challenge to the Pats, & kickers are back on their game. MORE

| VIDEO • Stat For Stat

Stat For Stat: Pittsburgh at New England

Brady or Roethlisberger? Bell or Blount? Brown or Edelman? Pass rush or scoring D? Kirwan and Miller battle it out in this week's Stat For Stat! MORE

| VIDEO • Kirwan's FB Live

Kirwan’s Facebook Live Q & A

Pat Kirwan answers questions sent in by you, the fans. MORE

| AUDIO • Margaritaville Football

Coconut Podcast with Peter King

Heikki Larsen sits down with long time veteran NFL writer Peter King in this week's Coconut Podcast. MORE

| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Super Bowl: New England vs. Atlanta

Brady & Ryan face off in Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, but it may be the defense that plays best that wins the game. MORE

| AUDIO • Margaritaville Football

Coconut Podcast with Tom Nalen

Tom Nalen is a two-time Super Bowl champ and a legend in Denver. He sits down with Heikki Larsen in this week's Coconut Podcast. MORE

| VIDEO • Real Football Matchups

Super Bowl Week Roundtable

Lynch to the 49ers, Romo to Denver, the Pro Bowl, and Belichick's team are the topics from Radio Row in Houston. MORE

| VIDEO • Pat Kirwan Show

10 X’s & O’s Storylines

How the Patriots defend Julio Jones is one of the major story lines Pat Kirwan will be watching during Super Bowl LI MORE

| VIDEO • Pat Kirwan Show

The Super Bowl Salary Cap Story

There are 18 starters in Super Bowl LI who are making less than $850,000. How does that help the Patriots & Falcons? Kirwan explains. MORE

| VIDEO • Pat Kirwan Show

Comparing Super Bowl Defenses

While the QB's in Super Bowl LI have both had great seasons, Pat Kirwan says we should check out the defenses. MORE